Anti-Tobacco Committee

Anti-Tobacco Committee: 2022-23

JPS Academy Nissing, has formed committee towards tobacco control cell’s attempt to prevent consumption of tobacco among students and has declared the school as “tobacco-free” Zone.

This initiative has been taken up keeping in mind the fact that an alarming number of students are getting addicted to chewing tobacco products like gutkha, etc. The Committee educates and also helps students addicted to tobacco to access medical help and counseling so that they can successfully do away with the habit. The objective of the committee is to provide students with the foundation for understanding the tobacco epidemic and the toxicity of tobacco. Towards this objective the committee has taken steps to increase the knowledge of students about the harmful constituents used in tobacco products and their detrimental effects on health. This information will help educate students about the tobacco epidemic and provide them with the opportunity to make an informed choice.

S.No. Name of Staff Members Official Position Designation
1. Mr. Balraj Principal Chairperson
2. Mr. Daksender Singh School Doctor Member
3. Mrs. Preeti School Counselor Member
4. Ms. Namit Kumar PGT-Physics Member
5. Mr. Vikas Kumar PGT-Chemistry Member
6. Mrs. Sunita Devi PGT-Biology Member
7. Mr. Vishal Jageran TGT-Science Member
8. Mr. Sweety Kanyan TGT-Science Member
9. Mrs. Meena TGT-Hindi Member
10. Mr. Harshit Sharma Student: Class-XII (Non-Medical Stream) Member
11. Ms. Saavi Choudhary Student: Class-XII (Medical Stream) Member