School Clubs

The objective of the school is to discover and develop various skills among the students. Every student from Class III onwards is expected to join any one of the school clubs.

Among the clubs the important are Eco club, Science Club, Social Studies Club, Maths Club, Arts and Sports Club, English Association, Marathi Association and Hindi Association etc.

Formation of clubs in school encourages children to participate and learn in a fun-filled module. These clubs boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. These clubs keep children busy, active and healthy even after school.

Dance Clubs

Dancing promotes psychomotor qualities in an individual. And here in our school, we teach classical as well as contemporary dance styles of our country and the west.

Literary Club

Literary club enhances critical thinking in addition to reading and writing skills of students. It fosters a love for books and literature. It includes book class discussions, interactions with authors, literary quizzes, declamations, workshops and visit to book fairs and libraries.

Sports Club

Sports play a positive role in the development of youth by enhancing their character, competence, and confidence. This results in improved academic achievement, higher self-esteem, fewer behavioral problems, better psychology, and physical fitness. Our students can active participant in hockey and table-tennis at the national level.

ECO Club

ECO Club sensitizes school children about the environment, its problems, and conservation. Our children are well versed with the concept of reducing, reusing and recycling programs, and energy saving schemes. The role of this club is to create environmental awareness amongst the future generation.

Student Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing a new business. The individuals who organize and operates a business is an entrepreneur. We encourage our students to experience entrepreneurship in ECO Club. They are the promoters of the school nursery. Our students are goal-oriented, motivated and hard working. They have earned great financial benefits for their skills and new ideas. We appreciate their dedication and determination.

Art and Craft Club

Silk printing, printmaking, collage, clay work, self-portraits, drawing animals, 3D modeling, animations are some of the artworks practiced by the students of our school. The art and craft club is monitored by fully trained, enthusiastic tutors with a professional background. Children here experience and enjoy all aspects of art and design.