Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Parents play a vital role in a child’s life. For the all round development of the child it becomes important for the school and the parents to come together on the same platform to discuss the issues related their child and work as partners.

The school addresses to the grievances of parents through following ways:

  • 1. PTA: It is Parent Teacher Association that is formulated by election of one parent and one teacher representator from each class. During a PTA executive body meeting all the issues are raised and discussed on a common platform such as school discipline, school academic performances, school fees, safety of children, staff feedback, transport, uniform, school activities and so on.
  • 2. A parent forum on social media such as whatsapp, blogs and facebook, the suggestions are open and transparent mechanism is adopted to resolve all issues.
  • 3. During PTMs, the face to face interaction between the teachers and parents too the individual voice is heard,
  • 4. The suggestion box/complaint register too are used for the same purpose.
  • 5. The Parent orientations from time to time helps to interact and openly discuss the new ways and means to help the child to perform well and grow in a healthy manner.
  • 6. To look into the financial implications of the school.
  • 7. To look in to the smooth functioning of the school proceeding including fee and transport hike.

Parents Teacher Association Session 2022-23

The Parents-Teacher Association of JPS Academy formed under the chairmanship of Mr. Balraj and the respective members of PTA for the session 2022-23 on dated 01/03/2022. Following members are nominated unanimously for the Parents-Teacher Association.

S.No. Member Name Gender Designation Description Class
1. Sh. Balraj Male Member Secretary Principal
2. Anju Female Member Management Representative
3. Ms. Monal Female Member Senior Secondary Teacher Representative
4. Ms. Shanti Rani Female Member Secondary Teacher Representative
5. Ms. Madhu Female Member Primary Teacher Representative
6. Ms. Harjinder Kaur Female Member Parents Representative Class-XII (Medical)
7. Sh. Virender Singh Male Member Parents Representative Class-XI (Commerce)
8. Ms. Pooja Female Member Parents Representative Class-X (Yamuna)
9. Mr. Yadvender Singh Male Member Parents Representative Class-IX (Ganges)
10. Mr. Satbir Singh Female Member Parents Representative Class-VIII (Kaveri)
11. Ms. Madhu Female Member Parents Representative Class-VII (Brahmaputra)
12. Ms. Karandeep Kaur Female Member Parents Representative Class-VI (Ganges)
13. Mr. Jatender Kumar Male Member Parents Representative Class-V (Yamuna)
14. Mr. Nirmaljit Singh Male Member Parents Representative Class-IV (Ganges)
15. Ms. Amandeep Kaur Female Member Parents Representative Class-III (Indus)
16. Ms. Reena Devi Female Member Parents Representative Class-II (Yamuna)
17. Mr. Raman Kumar Male Member Parents Representative Class-I (Ganges)