Transport Guidelines

School Transport Guidelines

  • It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children reach the pickup points well on time, to prevent delay.
  • In case of any issues regarding buss services, the Transport In charge may be contacted.
  • Parents have to make sure that they pick up their children at the notified time from the specified bus stop, failing which, the child will be taken back to the School and the parents will have to collect their ward on their own.
  • Only parents are allowed to pick their child from the school. Any other person detailed should be properly authorized by the parent in writing.
  • Changes in bus routes to suit a particular student will not be entertained during the session. The decision of School Transport Department is final.
  • Buses may reach the bus stop 10 minutes prior or 10 minutes later than the scheduled timings. Parents are expected to cooperate.
  • School buses are equipped with all necessary safety features within and strictly follow all security norms as per the guidelines issued by the government to safeguard the children. However in case of any mishap during transit the School takes no responsibility for the same.
  • A child is expected to travel in the bus allotted. Change of bus route at any cost is not permitted.
  • Discipline in the bus is of utmost importance. Strict action will be taken against any students found to be violating the bus rules.
  • Parents are expected to treat the bus staff with due respect.
  • Safety mock drills will be conducted at regular intervals.
  • Escort card is mandatory to be shown to the Teacher in charge before receiving the child.
  • School name and Telephone numbers are mentioned inside and on the buses for giving or collecting information related to the school transport.
  • The main doors and emergency exit doors are properly fitted with reliable locks.
  • All school buses are painted yellow and mention 'School Bus' on all sides.
  • The staff inducted for transport services are verified by the police, medically checked and driving skills tested.