Academy Awards

Appreciation certificate shall be added to students of Grade I - Grade III.

Awards: Prizes will be awarded for Academics to student's section-wise. The Criteria's are as follows:

Proficiency Certificate: Proficiency Certificate shall be awarded to students of Classes III and V for Excellence in Academics on the basis of following parameters:

Certificate of Appreciation: Certificate of Appreciation shall be awarded to students of Classes I to II for various competitions and events.

  • 1. The highest score in the subjects (English / Hindi / Maths / Science / Social Science / Computer Science and 3rd Language).
  • 2. The highest score should not be less than 90%.
  • 3. The students shall not have less than 75% attendance.
  • 4. The students should not be involved in any in-disciplinary activities or been issued a yellow card.

Academic Excellence Award: Scholar Badge shall be awarded to students for Classes VI-XII as per the following criteria:

  • 1. Score 90% and above in aggregate.
  • 2. Should not have less than 75% attendance.
  • 3. Should not be involved in any indisciplinary activity or been issued Yellow Card. Scholar Blazer will be awarded to students who have been awarded three Scholar Badges consecutively (from Class-VI onwards).

Subject Prizes: Special prizes will be awarded to the child who obtains the highest marks in the class in each of the following subjects. English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, IIIrd Language Hindi and Computer.

Prizes for outstanding performance are given in the following categories:

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Music

Scholar Badge: The criteria for the award of Scholar Badge shall be followed as mentioned below:

Class Required % in Agg. Subject
IV & VIII 90% and above in the average of 1st & 2nd Terms Result English, Hindi,
Science, Social Science,
Mathematics, Computer Science,
3rd/2nd Language
IX & X 90% and above
XI & XII 85% and above